Beta Version of Online VarietyPlus™ Catalog Now Available

Beta Version of Online VarietyPlus™ Catalog Now Available

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NGC has launched a beta version of its expanded online catalog for coins recognized under VarietyPlus®, NGC’s attribution service. Included are descriptive detail photographs, diagnostic cues and general explanatory comments for many of the coin varieties described with a VarietyPlus number (e.g. VP-001). The catalog can be seen on NGC’s Web site.

In this catalog, only varieties described with a VarietyPlus number have detailed descriptions. This launch corresponds with the completion of the online technical platform, and a series of future content releases are forthcoming. During the beta review period, however, the catalog is available for free to all viewers. Users are also invited to send comments concerning the catalog to NGC’s researchers at

VarietyPlus includes the most popularly collected and most desirable die-specific coin varieties. For inclusion in VarietyPlus and to be attributed by NGC, a coin must meet several specific criteria, including the following:

  • A variety must be die-specific and show meaningful distinguishing characteristics that are not the result of normal die wear, fatigue or clash.
  • All critical variety diagnostics must be readily visible at no more than 5x magnification.

NGC attributes coins included in VarietyPlus at time of grading for a $7.00 service fee. Additionally, coins already graded and encapsulated by NGC may be attributed by submitting the encapsulated coin under Designation Review service. The fee for Designation Review is $10.00.

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