World Coins Accepted For On-Site Grading At FUN Show In January

NGC World Coin Grader Ken Krah will be on-site at the Orlando FUN Show, January 9-11, 2008, to grade world coinage.

NGC World Coin Grader Ken Krah will be joining the NGC on-site grading team at the FUN Show in Orlando. This will allow for the grading of world coins at the show in addition to U.S. coins always accepted for on-site service.

On-site grading will be offered Wednesday, January 9 (during dealer setup) – Friday, January 11. Please check with NGC show representatives for daily submission cut-off times. The cost for World Coin on-site grading is the same as for U.S. coins.

Please read below for complete details on the services offered during this show:

Gold Special $50 per coin
Gold coins valued $1,500 and under (5 coin minimum).
Value Walkthrough $65 per coin
Coins valued $1,500 and under.
Walkthrough $100 per coin
Coins valued $1,501 to $100,000.

Coins are graded in lots on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check with NGC representatives when your lot is ready. Most coins are returned within 24 to 48 hours.

Special Note: Due to the special handling required, NGC will not accept submissions of the following coins at this show for on-site grading or regular service submissions to be returned to the NGC offices:

Presidential Dollars, 20th Anniversary Eagles, Early Releases, U.S. Mint Coin Covers, Platinum 10th Anniversary Eagles

These submissions must be sent to the NGC offices in Sarasota, FL by the submitter.

Other on-site services offered:

Expedite Walkthrough $150 per coin
Guaranteed 4-hour turnaround, coins valued $100,000 and under. Coins are returned within four hours or regular show pricing applies.
High-Value Walkthrough $200 per coin
4-hour turnaround, coins valued $100,001 to $500,000.
Unlimited Value Walkthrough$500 per coin
4-hour turnaround, coins valued above $500,000.

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