World Coins Accepted For On-Site Grading At September Long Beach

In addition to our usual on-site services, NGC World Coin grader Ken Krah will be there to accept world coins for on-site grading.

NGC World Coin Grader, Ken Krah, will be joining the NGC on-site grading team at the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo. This will allow for the grading of world coins at the show, in addition to the U.S. coins always accepted for on-site service.

On-site grading will be offered September 26th (during dealer setup) through the 28th. Please check with NGC show representatives for daily submission cut-off times. NGC will be at tables 458 – 557. The cost for World Coin on-site grading is the same as for U.S. coins.

Please read below for complete details on the services offered during this show:

Gold Special $50 per coin
Gold coins valued $1,500 and under (5 coin minimum).
Value Walkthrough $65 per coin
Coins valued $1,500 and under.
Walkthrough $100 per coin
Coins valued $1,501 to $100,000.

Coins are graded in lots on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check with NGC representatives when your lot is ready. Most coins are returned within 24 to 48 hours.

Special Note: Due to the special handling required, NGC will not accept submissions of the following coins at this show for on-site grading or regular service submissions to be returned to the NGC offices:

Presidential Dollars, 20th Anniversary Eagles, Early Releases, U.S. Mint Coin Covers

These submissions must be sent to the NGC offices in Sarasota, FL by the submitter.

Other on-site services offered:

Expedite Walkthrough$150 per coin
Guaranteed 4-hour turnaround, coins valued $100,000 and under. Coins are returned within four hours or regular show pricing applies.
High-Value Walkthrough $200 per coin
4-hour turnaround, coins valued $100,001 to $500,000.
Unlimited Value Walkthrough$500 per coin
4-hour turnaround, coins valued above $500,000.

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