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The NGC Registry's newest sets include Apollo 11 Commemoratives, Singapore Lunar Series and more.

It’s been yet another busy month in the NGC Registry office, and we are excited to present 35 more sets to meet your collecting needs. The diversity of the recent requests is quite interesting. Please keep those requests coming!

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Here are this month’s new set types waiting for you:

New sets:

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
left: 2019 P S$1; right: 2019 W $5

  • Canada - Bullion: Palladium Maple Leafs, 50 Dollars (1 Ounce), 2005-Date, Mint State
  • Costa Rica: Countermarked Coinage, Type I, Type Set, 1841-42, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: United Arab Republic, AH1377/1958-AH1391/1971, Proof
  • Egypt: Fuad l, 1922-1936, Specimen, Complete
  • Egypt: Silver 100 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, AH1430//2009-Date, Mint State & Proof
  • Egypt: Gold 5 Pounds, 1955-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • France: Silver 50 Euros, 2003-Date, Proof
  • Great Britain – Decimal: Silver 10 Pence, Great British Coin Hunt Series, 2018, Proof
  • Great Britain-Type Sets: Crown, One-Per-Ruler Type Set, George II-Elizabeth II, Proof
  • Iraq: Faisal II, AH1358//1939-1958, Proof, Complete
  • Isle of Man: Crown, Harry Potter Series, 2001-2002, Mint State, Complete
  • Italy: 1991 Proof Set
  • Jordan: Hussein, Type Set, AH1374-AH1416 (1955-1996), (No Silver or Gold), Proof
  • Jordan: Hussein, Type Set, AH1374-AH1416 (1955-1996), (No Silver or Gold), Circulation Issue
  • Mexico: Silver 100 Pesos, 1977-1992, Mint State, Including Varieties
  • Mexico: Bi-Metallic (Silver) 100 Pesos, 180th Anniversary of Federation, Series II, 2005-2007, Mint State
  • Montenegro: Standard Coinage, Type Set, 1906-1914, Proof Complete
  • New Zealand: Half Dollars, Commemorative, 2003-Date, Mint State
  • Palau: Silver $20, 1994-Date, Proof
  • Rhodesia: Crown, 1953, Complete
  • Russia: 2 Roubles, Catherine I, 1726-1727, Circulation Issue
  • Russia: Silver 3 Roubles, Lunar Series, 2003-2014, Proof
  • Russia: 25 Roubles, 2011-Date, Mint State
  • Rwanda: Nautical Ounce Series, Silver 50 Francs, 2017-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • Saudia Arabia & Hejaz: Hejaz, First Regular Coinage, AH1334//5- AH1334//6/5 (1920-1921), Complete Circulation Issue
  • Saudia Arabia & Hejaz: Hejaz, Second Regular Coinage, AH1334//8- AH1334//9 (1923-1924), Complete Circulation Issue
  • Singapore: Silver $5, Lunar Series, 2017-Date, Proof

2019SM Singapore S$5 Lunar Series Pig - Colorized

  • South Africa - Republic: 2019 5-Coin Gold Krugerrand Proof Set
  • South Africa - Republic: 2019 6-Coin Silver & Gold Krugerrand Proof Set
  • Spain: 2 Reales, Charles IV, 1788-1808, Circulation Issue
  • Tristan Da Cunha: (New category, February 2019!) Crown, 2013-Date, Proof (No Gold)
  • Turkey: Muhammed V, 5 Kurush, Qustantiniyah Mint, AH1327//1 -AH1327//9 (1909-1910), Mint State
  • Turkey: Muhammed V, 20 Kurush, Qustantiniyah Mint, AH1327//8-1327//10, (1910), Mint State
  • Turkey: Muhammed V, Mint Visit Coinage, Silver Issues, AH1327//1-AH1327//3 (1910), Mint State

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