NGC Certifies Koshkarian Type Set

Recently certified by NGC is the collection of Haig A. Koshkarian, an amazing gathering of high grade pieces that includes a stellar set of USA type coins.

Recently certified by NGC is the collection of Haig A. Koshkarian, an amazing gathering of high grade pieces that includes a stellar set of USA type coins. This type set, along with the other Koshkarian pieces, were among the highlights of American Numismatic Rarities' auction March 9-10, 2004 in Baltimore.

Mr. Koshkarian put tremendous effort into assembling what is certainly among the finest USA type sets ever put together. Until being certified by NGC, this set was housed in a series of customized plastic frames that permitted the coins to be viewed side-by-side. This was important to Mr. Koshkarian, who valued their historic context. In his own words,"I also sought to have a mix of both attractively toned coins and essentially white coins, which captured some of how they appeared at their time of issue."

1853 Braided Hair Cent There are too many fabulous coins in his type set to list them all, but here are a few of the most memorable pieces starting off with a choice example of the first half cent, a one-year type dated 1793, this wonderful specimen has been certified by NGC as MS-63 BN. Accompanying it is a splendid example of the Liberty Cap Half Cent dated 1794 and also grading MS-63 BN. The first coin struck at the U.S. Mint was the famous Chain Cent with the abbreviation AMERI., and Mr. Koshkarian's very rare uncirculated example has been graded and encapsulated by NGC as MS-62 BN. Almost beyond belief is his 1853 Braided Hair Cent, which grades an amazing MS-66 RD!

Early half dimes are always very rare uncirculated, and this collection includes two truly remarkable pieces: a 1796 Draped Bust/Small Eagle example in MS-62 and a Heraldic Eagle coin of 1800 that grades MS-62. Among the memorable dimes in this collection are a 1796, first year of issue piece in MS-63 and a gem 1821 that NGC has certified as MS-65 PL. The absolutely gorgeous toning displayed by this dime is a feature that will long be remembered by NGC's graders, while use of the prooflike designation for all USA and world coins is a recent NGC innovation that really adds to the appeal of this grade rarity.

1796 Half dollar
1797 Half Dollar

The rare, one-year-only, 1796 Draped Bust/Small Eagle Quarter Dollar is a coin on every type collectors' want list. Here it is represented by a lovely example grading MS-62. Though a more common date, Mr. Koshkarian's 1805 Heraldic Eagle gem is of the highest rarity in MS-66; in fact, it is the finest example of this date NGC has certified and a coin of unparalleled beauty.

Highlights of the half dollar section include a Flowing Hair 1795 coin in choice MS-63 condition. The real star, of course, is the 1797 Draped Bust/Small Eagle Half Dollar. Rare in any grade, this two-year type coin earned a stunning MS-66 grade from NGC! It is the former Norweb example and, with its fabulous toning, is considered the finest known piece.

Among the most popular of USA type coins are silver dollars, and this series features a real beauty. Mint state examples of the Flowing Hair Dollar are very rare, but Mr. Koshkarian's specimen is a 1795 piece grading no less than MS-65. It is one of just four examples so graded by NGC and another coin that, even by itself, would be the highlight of any collection.

Gold coins are included in this collection, too. Wanting to feature something a little more distinctive than the usual common date example, Mr. Koshkarian opted to acquire a rare 1901/00-S half eagle for his Coronet Liberty type. This remarkable coin grades an impressive NGC MS-65 and is certain to draw a lot of attention when offered for sale as part of this important collection.

"These are simply incredible coins," was the comment by NGC's Chairman and CEO, Mark Salzberg. "The combination of extreme rarity in the early dates and phenomenal quality throughout is an amazing achievement. We're really proud that NGC was selected to certify Haig Koshkarian's coins."

All photos are by Douglas Plasencia and have been provided courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities, LLC.

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