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Posted on 10/9/2018

Our newest sets are eligible for the 2018 NGC Registry Awards.

We have a variety of offerings for new NGC Registry sets this month. The sets include many different types of coinage, from US tokens to Russian Kopeks and Egyptian Qirsh. Take a look to see what may interest you from the list below. Participants in these new set types will be eligible for the 2018 NGC Registry annual awards, as well.

New sets:

2018 McDonald’s MacCoin Big Mac 50th Anniversary 70’s Flower Power
Brass First Releases

  • US - Tokens and Medals: Presidential Medals, Silver, 2018-Date, Mint State
  • Australia – Commemorative: Silver $1, 2008, Proof
  • Australia – Commemorative:Silver $1, 2009, Proof
  • Czechoslovakia: 10 Korun, Commemorative Issues, 1954-1957, Mint State
  • Czechoslovakia: 10 Korun, Type Set, 1990-1993, Circulation Issue
  • Czechoslovakia: 50 Korun, 1990-1991, Circulation Issue
  • Czechoslovakia: 100 Korun, 1990-1993, Circulation Issue
  • Czechoslovakia: Type Set, 1923-1938, Mint State
  • Czechoslovakia: Trade Coinage, Gold Type Set, 1923-1951, Circulation Issue
  • Czechoslovakia: Post War Coinage Type Set, 1947-1951, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Reform Coinage Type Set, AH1223//28-AH1223//32, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Gold 5 Qirsh, AH1255//1-AH1255//23, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Gold 5 Qirsh, AH1277//3-AH1277//15, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Gold 5 Qirsh, AH1293//2-AH1293//34, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Gold 10 Qirsh, AH1277//10-AH1277//14, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Gold 25 Qirsh, AH1277//8-AH1277//15, Circulation Issue
  • Egypt: Abdul Hamid II, Type Set, AH1293, Proof
  • Egypt: Gold 50 Qirsh, AH1255//1-AH1255//16, Circulation Issue

Egypt AH122//5 Gold 50 Qirsh

  • Great Britain-Decimal: Silver Six Pence, 2016-Date, Mint State
  • Great-Britain-Maundy: 1979 (Elizabeth II) Maundy Set
  • Haiti: Gold 200 Gourdes, 1973-Date, Mint State
  • Philippines: Silver 100 Piso, 1975-Date, Proof
  • Russia: Silver 10 Kopeks (Reduced Weight), 1867-1917, Proof
  • Russia: 1/4 Kopek, 1730-1754, Circulation Issue
  • Russia: 1/4 Kopek Type Set, Alexander l, 1804-1828, Circulation Issue
  • Tuvalu: Silver Dollar, 2011, Proof

The following NGC Registry sets had recent or pending score updates:

  • Austria – several
  • India – British Colony - several
  • Mexico: Silver 2 Onzas, Libertad, 1996-Date, Proof and Prooflike

Do you have an NGC-certified coin in your hand and you’re not sure where it may fit in the NGC Registry? We are here to help with requests and with any other questions you may have. Feel free to send us an email and let us know how we can help. Reach us easily via email at

If you're not familiar with the NGC Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. If you have any questions, you may also click below for our help page:


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