NGC Certifies Finest Set of Gold Commems

A complete set of United States gold commemorative coins has been graded and encapsulated by NGC. It includes several finest certified pieces.

50 Pan Pac OctA complete set of United States gold commemorative coins has been graded and encapsulated by NGC. It includes several finest certified pieces. Comprising 14 coins in all, this set ranges in date from the first issues of 1903 through the final gold commemorative of the classic period in 1926. Each carries the pedigree of Swiss America Trading Corporation and Dr. William Merritt.

This is by far the finest set of gold commemoratives in NGC's Certified Collectibles Registry ( Swiss America worked with Dr. Merritt for over five years to assemble this amazing collection.

G1 1922Starting with the Louisiana Purchase Exposition gold dollar of 1903, the type featuring a bust of Thomas Jefferson includes both mint state and proof examples. The former is a superb gem grading MS-67, the highest grade assigned by NGC. It is accompanied by a fabulous proof certified as PF-66 Ultra Cameo. Rounding out this first issue is the type having a bust of William McKinley. This lovely coin displays charming orange toning on both sides and grades a magnificent MS-67.

Of particular interest in this, the bicentennial year of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, are the two coins issued for the exposition held in Portland, Oregon for the centennial of that historic event. Dated 1904 and 1905 respectively, each piece certified by NGC is the finest of its type graded. The 1904 edition is a phenomenal MS-68 and also bears the NGC star designation for superior eye appeal. The 1905 coin of identical design is a remarkable MS-67 and is attractively toned.

G1 1904The Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915 resulted in no less than four gold commemorative coins, and each is represented in this set by extremely desirable examples. Charles Keck's gold dollar and Charles Barber's quarter eagle are each tied for the finest certified by NGC. The awesome fifty-dollar pieces by Robert Aitken, coined in both round and octagonal editions, are both gems graded MS-65 by NGC.

The rare gold dollars struck to raise funds for the erection of a memorial to slain President William McKinley are dated either 1916 or 1917, and superb examples of both issues are included in this set. Each one grades MS-67, the highest grades assigned by NGC.

The very popular Grant Centennial gold dollars, coined both with and without a star above the date, are each the finest certified by NGC of their respective varieties. Both grade an almost unbelievable MS-68.

Completing this memorable set of gold commemoratives is the quarter eagle coined in 1926 for the sesquicentennial of American Independence. Grading an incredible MS-67, this specimen is the single finest piece certified by NGC.

"This is a truly amazing collection of coins," observed Mark Salzberg, Chairman and CEO of NGC. "It's a real treat to handle pieces of such outstanding quality. These coins are simply amazing for their originality and pristine appearance."

These coins were submitted to NGC by Swiss America Trading Corporation, which may be contacted at 15018 N. Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85032. The company's telephone number is 800-BUY-COIN (289-2646).

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