NGC: The Leader In Silver Eagle Grading

Posted on 1/21/2016

Learn why NGC is the preferred choice for silver eagle grading.

Protected in the Industry's Best Holder

Tested and used by the Smithsonian Institution, NGC's EdgeView® Holder ensures the ultimate security and protection for your Silver Eagles.

Features include:

  • Unmatched visual appeal.
  • Special counterfeiting protection.
  • Inert archival materials for the best long-term preservation and storage.
  • Innovative design representing $1 million of research and development.

The Most Exclusive Programs

NGC offers the most unique and exclusive display options for Silver Eagles:

  • Distinctive color holders.
  • Attractive special labels.
  • Eye-catching foil labels.
  • Hand-signed labels from:

    • Elizabeth Jones — 11th US Mint Chief Engraver; served during the launch of the Silver Eagle.
    • John M. Mercanti — 12th US Mint Chief Engraver and designer of the Eilver Eagle's reverse.
    • Edmund C. Moy — 38th US Mint Director.

NGC hand-signed labels: Elizabeth Jones (left), John M. Mercanti (center) and Edmund C. Moy (right)
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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Silver Eagle with NGC.

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