From the NGC Archives: 1888 Proof Coronet Double Eagle

This third style of the J.B. Longacre's double eagle design was introduced in 1877, and it remained in use through the remainder of the series.

It features Liberty's head posed in a more upright position, and the coin's value has been spelled out in full to read TWENTY DOLLARS.

The great size and weight of double eagles makes them especially vulnerable to damage, and this is nowhere more true than of proofs. With their delicate surfaces, the attrition rate of gems is very high. While 102 proofs were issued of the 1888 double eagle, Walter Breen estimated than as few as 35-40 survive, adding that many [are] nicked. This amazing gem, however, is virtually as made. Displaying superb cameo contrast between its frosted devices and mirrorlike fields, it possesses virtually flawless surfaces. A subtle veil of orange toning is the finishing touch to this very rare coin of remarkable beauty.

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