From the NGC Archives: 1807 Draped Bust Dime

1807 marked the final year of production for Robert Scot's Draped Bust Dime. In fact, this Liberty portrait was retired for all denominations that year, with the exception of the lowly half-cent.

It alone bore this familiar bust into 1808. At 165,000 pieces, the 1807 dime realized the highest mintage of its type, though most surviving mint state examples are of disappointing quality.

An absolutely amazing coin, this wonderful dime is possessed of extraordinary eye appeal. All the more remarkable is that this specimen is of an issue which is notorious for being poorly struck. Though weak around its peripheries, this beautiful dime is otherwise quite sharp. Pedigreed to the famous John Jay Pittman Collection, it was described by cataloger David W. Akers as nearly pristine and as struck, except for the addition of absolutely gorgeous blue and greenish-gold toning.

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