Coins Eligible for NGC On-Site Grading in China and Hong Kong

NGC will grade all modern coins (1955-date) during its on-site grading events in China and Hong Kong. Many Chinese and world vintage coin types are also eligible for NGC on-site grading.

The following vintage Chinese coin types will be accepted for NGC on-site grading in China and Hong Kong:

  • China Year 34 (1908) Chihli Dollar, L&M-465 variety
  • China, Republic Year 3 (1914) Half Dollar, L&M-64
  • China, Republic Year 3 (1914) Dollar, L&M-63
  • China, Republic Year 8 (1919) Dollar, L&M-76
  • China, Republic Year 9 (1920) Dollar, L&M-77
  • China, Republic Year 10 (1921) Dollar, L&M-78
  • China, Republic Year 33 (1933) Dollar, L&M-109
  • China, Republic Year 34 (1934) Dollar, L&M-110
  • China, Republic 1927 Memento Dollar, L&M-49
  • Select China, Republic copper and copper-nickel issues
  • All East Hopei coinage
  • All Manchuokuo coinage (excluding pieces made of fiber and pattern coins)
  • All Year 30 through Year 32 Provisional Government coinage (excluding pattern coins)
  • Chinese Soviet Republic copper coins (originals and restrikes)
  • Taiwan issues, 1949-Date (excluding patterns)
  • Mongolia issues, 1900-Date

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