From the NGC Archives: 1891 S Seated Liberty Dime

The basic design of this coin type dates to 1837, though it was modified over the years.

This rendition was adopted in 1860 and remained in use through the end of the series. 1891 was, in fact, the final year of coinage.

Throughout the 1880s, the demand for quarter dollars and half dollars was slow, yet the production of dimes slackened for only the first few years. At the San Francisco Mint, where this amazing gem was struck, demand was steady from 1887 onward. This particular specimen is of the variety having a closed 9 in its date and a small S mintmark. Described by Walter Breen as Rare, it is obviously so in this astonishing state of preservation. Quite sharply struck for a dime of this period, it also features dazzlingly frosty luster and pristine surfaces throughout.

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