From the NGC Archives: 1922 Grant Gold Dollar with Star

Commemorative gold dollars were minted in 1922 to honor the centennial of the birth of Ulysses S. Grant, famed general and president.

The sale of these coins was intended to raise funds for a memorial to this popular figure in his birthplace of Point Pleasant, Ohio.

Though similar in mintage and rarity, the Grant Centennial Dollar with incuse star has traditionally been more popular than its star-less brother. This may be due to association with the half-dollar of this type, for which the starred variety is much scarcer. An aesthetically delightful coin, this specimen displays rich, satiny luster on both sides. Its strike is absolutely full, with fine wire rims. The original die-polishing lines are still evident in a swirling pattern on either side. Light, orange toning is just barely visible, along with a short toning streak on the obverse.

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