The 62nd IAPN General Assembly

The International Association of Professional Numismatists held their annual meeting May 23–26 in Leipzig, Germany.

[Belgium] – The International Association of Professional Numismatists (I.A.P.N.) held its 62nd General Assembly May 23-26 2013 in Leipzig Germany. A total of thirty four of the world’s leading numismatic firms met to attend the congress, with an additional twenty six firms represented via proxy.

The I.A.P.N. meets annually to conduct its congress, which is held in a different city and country each year as voted on by its members. This year the congress was hosted by the German firm Leipziger Münzhandlung. The I.A.P.N. would like to extend a special thanks to the Höhn family -- Saskia, Christina, and Manfred as well as their staff for a successful and well planned congress. The last I.A.P.N. congress held in Germany was in Munich 10 years ago and this marks the first congress conducted in Eastern Germany.

During the welcoming address, outgoing president Eric McFadden, mentioned many of the city’s historical sites, including the monument to the Battle of the Nation’s (Völkerschlacht in German). The monument was completed in 1913 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the battle of Leipzig where Napoleon was defeated in 1813. The monument to the Battle of the Nations is not an unfamiliar site to numismatics as it is the prominent design featured on the 1913 Saxony commemorative 3 mark, struck by the Muldenhutten mint. The Battle of Leipzig was fought by the armies of Austria, Prussia, Russia and Sweden against the army of Napoleon Bonaparte and was the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I, involving more than 600,000 troops.

Among the many topics discussed by the organization were the applications for new membership. Of the applicants, two new firms were voted into the I.A.P.N. as members.

As usual, several excellent numismatic publications were submitted for consideration for this year’s annual book prize. This year, a total of 15 works were submitted for consideration, all of which were voted on by the membership, some ranking very closely in the final outcome. In custom with I.A.P.N. tradition, after voting the submitted books are donated to an institution or library in the country in which the congress is being held. This year’s numismatic works were donated to the coin cabinet of the University of Leipzig. The I.A.P.N. would like to recognize and thank all of the contributing authors for their hard work in publishing these excellent numismatic references.

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The IAPN is a non-profit organization of the leading international numismatic firms founded in 1951. It was formed in the aftermath of WW II to help re-establish relationships amongst professional numismatists that had been badly frayed during years of conflict. The objectives of IAPN are the development of a healthy and prosperous numismatic trade conducted according to the highest standards of business ethics and commercial practice, the encouragement of scientific research and the propagation of numismatics, and the creation of lasting and friendly relations amongst professional numismatists around the world.

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