From the NGC Archives: 1873 Seated Liberty Dollar

"The Crime of '73." This is how proponents of free silver coinage described the 1873 discontinuance of the standard silver dollar.

A useless coin at the time, its backers would see it revived with a vengeance just five years later, when the Bland-Allison Act of 1878 mandated the coining of millions of these pieces monthly.

The final year of standard silver dollar coinage saw just 600 proofs minted in four deliveries, the last occurring on March 12, 1873. Many of these are believed to have been included within the 2,258 unsold proof dollars melted after July 10. Scarcer than other dates of the type with motto, this wonderful specimen features an absolutely full strike and brilliant, pristine surfaces. Sumptuous toning in a rich array of colors graces both sides of this outstanding rarity.

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