NGC Recognizes 1990 Dragon and Phoenix 20 Yuan Varieties

Two varieties of the China 1990 2-ounce, silver Dragon and Phoenix 20 yuan commemoratives are recognized by NGC: "High Date — Near Brick" and "Low Date — Far Brick."

NGC will now recognize two varieties for the 1990 two ounce silver Dragon & Phoenix 20 Yuan commemorative. These varieties, described as either “High Date – Near Brick” or “Low Date – Far Brick,” can be identified by the position of the 0 in the date on the reverse. The location of the brick nearest to the 0 is also different for each variety, as indicated in the pictures below.

China 1990 2oz Silver 20 Yuan Dragon & Phoenix
High Date - Near Brick
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China 1990 2 oz Silver 20 Yuan Dragon & Phoneix
Low Date - Far Brick
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On all examples of the Low Date – Far Brick variant, NGC has observed a die defect or rough area below the 0 in the date. We have not yet studied enough specimens, however, to definitively state that this defect is seen only on the Low Date – Far Brick variety or on all examples of that variety.

NGC will recognize this variety by default for no additional charge. “VarietyPlus” does not need to be selected on the NGC submission form.

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