From the NGC Archives: 1837 Seated Liberty Dime

Robert M. Patterson became the US Mint's new director in 1835. He had very definite ideas about America's coinage, and one of his favorite icons was the seated figure of Britannia, which had been a fixture on many British coins for years.

Mr. Patterson had the seated figure of Britannia translated to the goddess Liberty, as seen on this dime from 1837.

The first year of coinage for the Seated Liberty Dime featured two distinctive date styles. This Small Date variety was evidently coined second, after the curious public had set aside their souvenirs. Walter Breen noted that this variety is much rarer in mint state than the Large Date. A delightful gem, this attractive dime is boldly struck and displays very clean surfaces. Coined from lightly worn dies, the result is richly textured luster throughout. This beauty exhibits just a faint suggestion of pewter gray toning around its peripheries but is otherwise frosty white.

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