From the NGC Archives: 1910 S Barber Half Dollar

Named for its designer and sculptor, Charles Barber, this half dollar was minted from 1892 through 1915.

Disliked by collectors of the time, these coins have since grown in popularity and are now widely sought by type, as well as by date and mint.

Just under two million half dollars were coined at the San Francisco Mint in 1910, a typical figure for that time. Precious few of these have survived in mint state, however, and fewer still in gem condition. This lovely specimen was coined from a fresh pair of dies that showed no signs of erosion. Aside from the usual weakness at the arrow feathers, its strike is delightfully sharp. This coin exhibits very bright and frosty luster in swirling bands, while light, peripheral toning of champagne gold graces both sides of this beauty.

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