Making American History Coin & Currency Set - Submission Instructions

The coin from the Making American History Coin and Currency Set will receive the NGC San Francisco label. Please see the special submission instructions below.

The US Mint has released the Making American History Coin and Currency Set. The set includes a 2012-S American Silver Eagle Proof Coin and a Series 2009 $5 note. The set is on sale from the US Mint .

The coin from this set will receive our San Francisco label and pedigreed as COIN AND CURRENCY SET. Special instructions must be followed in order for the coin to qualify for this pedigree and label.

Submission Instructions:

  • The set may be sent intact or just the panel with the coin. If the set is sent intact, the note and packaging will be returned with the graded coin.
  • Select the Modern Tier or higher. Five (5)-coin minimum waived.
  • All sets that arrive at NGC during the Early Releases period will automatically be labeled as "Early Releases." If you prefer the
    “First Releases” designation, write “First Releases” on the submission form. To opt out of the Early or First Releases designations, write "No Early/First Releases" on the submission form.
  • The coin for this designation or special label must be on its own submission invoice. The coin cannot be mixed with other coins to qualify for this pedigree.
  • If you prefer the NGC Early Releases (Blue) or Standard (Brown) label, write "Early Releases label" or "Standard Brown label" on the submission form. Please note the Releases designation is not applicable with the Brown label.
  • If you want the note graded by PMG, include the PMG submission form and NGC will forward the note for grading.

Due to the special handling required, NGC will not accept submissions of these sets at trade shows.

Dealers should contact NGC for bulk submission instructions and guidelines.

Questions? Contact NGC Customer Service at or 1-800-NGC-COIN (1-800-642-2646).

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