From the NGC Archives: 1853 Seated Liberty Half Dime, Without Arrows

The rising value of silver in relation to gold after 1848 soon made US silver coins worth more as bullion than as money, quickly driving them from circulation.

In 1853 Congress reduced the weight of the half dime and the other fractional silver coins, noting this change with arrowheads placed at either side of the date.

When the new edition was released, there were no collectors of modern issues to take notice. Those examples that have survived in mint state did so by mere chance. While not a rare issue, the 1853 Philadelphia Mint half dime with arrows is seldom found in top condition. Sharply struck from dies that clashed, an inverted date is actually readable on the reverse of this fabulous specimen. Its bright luster and pristine surfaces are further enhanced by a gentle wash of toning which features attractive shades of lavender and gold.

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