NGC Recognizes Chinese 1993 Frosted Silver 10 Yuan Panda Coins

The 1993 Large and Small Date frosted coins are added to the VarietyPlus® program.

NGC now recognizes frosted varieties of the 1993 Large and Small Date Silver 10 Yuan Panda coins. Both of these varieties are heavily frosted across the devices, while their regular counterparts show a much lighter finish. The variety will be attributed automatically at no additional charge. It is not necessary to select VarietyPlus® on the NGC submission form.

The frosted variant will be labeled "Panda - Frosted Large Date" or "Panda - Frosted Small Date." For additional information, check out the China section of NGC's VarietyPlus attribution guide.

When compared side-by-side with the non-Frosted variants, the difference is dramatic.

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