From the NGC Archives: 1928 Peace Dollar

In creating this coin type, sculptor Antonio de Francisci employed his wife, Teresa, as his model.

Though he later professed that the head of Liberty was idealized, a comparison with contemporary photographs of the young Teresa reveals a striking resemblance.

The original legislation under which Peace Dollars were coined called for the replacement of the 270+ million silver dollars destroyed by the 1918 Pittman Act. This figure was reached early in 1928, leaving just 360,649 coins from the Philadelphia Mint bearing that date. With the lowest mintage in this popular series, the 1928 Peace Dollar is highly desirable. This near gem specimen features dazzling luster in a combination of frosty and satiny textures. Its surfaces reveal only light marks and are pleasingly clean. Completing this pretty picture is light, peripheral toning of golden brown.

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