From the NGC Archives: 1894 Coronet Quarter Eagle

Christian Gobrecht, who became the US Mint's chief engraver in 1840, created this coin that very same year.

When the motto IN GOD WE TRUST was added to the larger gold coins in 1866, the quarter eagle proved too small to accommodate it, and this 1894 edition is therefore godless.

After 1879, when the last quarter eagles were minted at San Francisco, this denomination largely ceased to be a circulating coin. Its production was mostly limited to the demand for holiday gifts and jewelry items. The 1894 quarter eagles were coined in especially small numbers, just 4,000 pieces being minted of the non-proof edition. While most survivors are in mint state, gems such as this beauty are very scarce and desirable. This specimen is superbly struck and delightfully prooflike. Its surfaces are quite clean and entirely untoned.

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