NGC Now Recognizing Frosted and Mirrored Bamboo on 2003 Silver 10 Yuan Pandas

As NGC continues to expand its VarietyPlus® program to include world coins; varieties formerly not recognized by NGC will now be attributed.

NGC currently labels Large and Small Date Chinese Pandas at no additional charge, and several other modern Chinese coin varieties will be attributed for a modest fee. For a complete list of varieties recognized by NGC, click on VarietyPlus under the NGC Research menu on Check back regularly as more varieties and images are added.

Two varieties that NGC recently began to attribute by default are the 2003 Frosted Bamboo and Mirrored Bamboo Silver 10 Yuan Pandas. As the names suggest, the primary difference between these two varieties is the bamboo behind the panda. Compared side-by-side, this distinction is dramatic. When submitting one of these 2003 Silver Pandas for grading, there is no need to check VarietyPlus on the submission form. These varieties will be attributed automatically at no additional charge.

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