NGC Instructors at ANA Summer Seminar

The ANA Summer Seminar is called "the best education in numismatics." Take a look at the courses being taught by NGC numismatists.

Numismatists from NGC will present several courses at this year’s ANA Summer Seminar. For many, Summer Seminar is a life-changing event. It has catapulted the careers of many of the nation's most successful numismatic collectors, authors and dealers, and guided young numismatists to become hobby leaders.

Now celebrating its 43rd year, Summer Seminar features a lineup of classes to meet virtually every collector's needs, including ancients, paper money, counterfeit detection, grading, varieties, digital photography, Early American copper and more. Students meet and learn from the hobby's most prominent scholars, rising young stars and successful business leaders.

Your class experience is a true seminar: students gather in small groups where everyone actively participates. You'll learn not only from instructors who are recognized leaders in their fields, but also from the collective experiences of fellow students, who range in age from 13 to 90.

To learn more about summer seminar, visit the information page on the ANA's Web site.

The following course are instructed by numismatists from NGC:

Grading United States Coins, Part 2

This mid-level course is intended to sharpen grading skills through continuous, hands-on group and individual exercises, with instructor feedback on each coin. Students identify their strengths and weaknesses as they apply grading methods used by industry experts. The course enables students to gain a better understanding of current grading service philosophies and how they evolved in the marketplace. Copper, silver and gold specimens are covered, with emphasis on About Uncirculated through Uncirculated. Prerequisite: Successful completion of “Grading United States Coins, Part 1” or permission from the instructor is required. This class is limited to 24 students.

Session 1, Course 3
Instructors include John Schuch, II, NGC Grader

Collecting United States Type Coins

This interactive overview explains how to collect US coins by regularly issued types, from half cents through double eagles. Explore the rarity of each design and denomination in relation to grade, as well as the technical aspects of strike and planchet quality and the aesthetics of toning. Students are encouraged to bring their own coins for evaluation and study.

Session 1, Course 7
Instructors include David Lange, NGC Director of Research

Collecting Ancient Coins

Spend an enjoyable week exploring the world of ancient Greek and Roman coins. Various topics will be examined to help veteran and beginning collectors better enjoy this remarkable field. Hundreds of ancient coins and illustrations will be used to create a hands-on experience. Topics include appreciating art and history through coinage, coin production and circulation, collecting strategies, research techniques, marketplace analysis, grading and authentication.

Session 1, Course 8
Instructors include David Vagi, Director of NGC Ancients

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