NGC To Evaluate Census Figures

To ensure that we are providing accurate, up-to date Census information with the most precise counts of the coins we’ve graded, we’ve hired additional consultants to review submissions and check for any duplication of coins.

In a continuing effort to provide the most accurate research available, NGC has hired expert consultants to evaluate the population figures in the NGC Census. The NGC Census provides population data for US and World coins graded by NGC as a service to members - both collectors and numismatic professionals. The online report is updated weekly on Mondays to offer the latest figures for coins graded by NGC.

“As part of our ongoing mission to present the most accurate and up-to-date information to collectors and dealers, we decided to delve into the NGC Census and take a look at the numbers. To ensure that we’re providing the most precise counts of the coins we’ve graded, we’ve hired additional experts to review submissions and see if any duplication of coins exists,” said NGC CEO Steve Eichenbaum.

Gold coins within the NGC US Coin Census will be the first category reviewed. As NGC examines different series of coins, the population figures will most likely be adjusted to reflect the consultants’ findings.

Eichenbaum went on to say, “Once the review is complete, the census numbers will most likely change, but we are confident that the report will provide a precise count of coins we have graded and an indication of the true rarity of many coins.”

The NGC Census is part of NGC’s suite of research tools including the widely praised NGC Coin Explorer, NGC US Coin Price Guide and NGC World Coin Price Guide.

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