Award-Winning Registry Collector Showcases Set Online

A combination of passion and obsession drove Barry Chappell to collect Proof Morgan Dollars. Now he shares his award-winning collection on his website.

Proof Morgan Dollar collector Barry Chappell is already well-known to collectors of the popular series. He was awarded Best Classic Set for his Proof Morgan Dollars in 2009 and has held the top spot in the NGC Registry Proof Morgan Dollar category for three years running. Each year, he continues to add new pieces to his virtually unimprovable set. One of Chappell’s motivations to build the finest Morgan Dollar set was to create something that others would enjoy seeing. Although his set has been displayed at conventions, Chappell is now broadening its reach by launching a website devoted to it,

Only seldom do collectors share their motivations and struggles. Chappell, who has worked in the collectibles field for over 20 years, knows the collectors’ mindset and understands that this aspect of his collecting experience is worth sharing as well. On his site, he describes his commitment to completing his set as a “combination of passion and obsession with Proof Morgan Dollars.” But at the same time, it was also the source of the most joy of all his coin-related projects.

Chappell’s story can be seen on his website,, and his full collection can be found in the NGC Registry.

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