From the NGC Archives: 1879 Proof Goloid Pattern Dollar J-1626, P-1822

Dr. Wheeler W. Hubbell was the deviser of goloid, an alloy of gold, silver and copper which contained the first two metals in proportion to their market values at the time.

Unfortunately, the resulting alloy was visually indistinguishable from ordinary silver, and the Mints experiments with it proved fruitless.

Many delightful pattern designs survive from this program, and the coin presented here is among the most popular. From dies by William Barber, this amazing gem features a superb strike, brilliant, pristine fields and attractive toning of gold and sea green. The statistics inscribed on its reverse provide the formula for goloid: 15.3 parts gold, 236.7 parts silver and 28 parts copper for a total mass of 14 grams. Its metric weight was another fascination of Congress and the Mint at that time.

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