From the NGC Archives: 1837 Capped Bust Dime

The United States Mint at Philadelphia first utilized steam power to drive its coin presses in 1836, and coins made after that date benefited from the more efficient squeezing action of such presses, as opposed to the quick bang of the old screw press.

1837 was the final year of coinage for William Kneass interpretation of the Capped Bust Dime. Some 359,500 pieces were struck, one of the lower figures for this type. High grade examples are decidedly rare. Sharply struck throughout, this beauty displays amazingly pristine surfaces. Much of its field area is brilliantly prooflike, though a few patches of frostiness are also evident. Pleasingly toned to light champagne gold, this splendid dime is superb both technically and aesthetically. For the variety enthusiast, a number of die cracks may be clearly seen.

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