World Coins: Chinese Super Counterfeit

"Super counterfeit" Chinese coins have started to appear on the market.

With the popularity of modern Chinese coins and their recent, significant price increase, "super counterfeit" Chinese coins have started to appear on the market. It is now an unfortunate reality that modern coins -- once thought easy and safe to collect -- are on the radar of counterfeiters. One such coin is the 1985 Silver 10 Yuan Women’s Decade commemorative.

Chinese Superfake Chinese Superfake
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Mexican 1982 Onza Mexican 1982 Onza
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Unlike many other Chinese counterfeits, the technical specifications on this coin are excellent: the silver is close to the correct fineness, the weight is correct, and there is no discrepancy in size from the original. The counterfeits are produced with high quality minting technology, which is not always the case with Chinese counterfeits.

The design is very close to authentic pieces with only slight differences. The easiest way to detect this fake is to study the hair detail, which is almost nonexistent on the center woman. Some of the top Chinese modern coin experts are aware of this counterfeit, which may have originated in Germany or Eastern Europe, as several pieces have been purchased in the region.

The original was struck in 1985 to commemorate the International Women’s Decade (1976 to 1985), during which the United Nations wanted to increase global awareness of the inequities between men and women. The coin has a mintage listed as 4,000, making it a desired piece for collectors of modern Chinese coins.

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