From the NGC Archives: 1920 Mercury Dime

Posted on 1/18/2011

Renowned German-American sculptor Adolph A. Weinman created this type of dime that is, more correctly, called the Winged-Head Liberty.

His models were selected as the result of an invitational competition in which he was also commissioned to create a new half-dollar.

This absolutely delightful dime illustrates perfectly how an otherwise common issue can be elevated to a great rarity by virtue of its superb condition. Not only does this lovely gem exhibit virtually flawless surfaces, it also possesses truly memorable toning in a glorious array of bright colors. Every shade of the rainbow may be seen, all set against a backdrop of light, silvery gray. Rich, frosty luster provides excellent back lighting for this display. Though a bit weak at its peripheries, the bands of its fasces are quite bold.

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