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Dealers and collectors consistently choose (SAI) as their first choice for shipping insurance. The online processing simplifies the purchase of premium insurance required for insuring valuable items such as coins, currency and bullion, when shipping through UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service. A benefit program for members of the North American Collectibles Association (NACA), SAI covers up to $75,000 per online entry. Routinely, higher limits are approved by phone. Coverage is through Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London (not incorporated), A-Rated.

Have you recently calculated your yearly expense for this necessary insurance? You’ll be shocked at the total figure! Parcel shipping insurance is one of those stealth-type costs that deserves a closer look. Starting January 3, 2011, if you purchase “declared value” through FedEx for a Priority Overnight package with a value of $5,000, you will pay at minimum $37.50. In addition, FedEx will only cover $1,000 in value for the type of items NGC customers routinely ship. With, the cost for the very same package is $9.18. If you send five packages a week with an average value of $5,000, you would save more than $7,363 a year! We’re sure you have better ideas for that money than shipping insurance.

If an item is lost, SAI will pay you the full value of insurance that you purchased through us, usually within 30 days. We don’t require an appraisal and extensive paperwork. All we ask is that you use the claim form on our site and return it to us promptly. We can’t make filing a claim and receiving your check any simpler. We are in the insurance business, not the shipping business, and that makes a difference in our approach to your shipping insurance needs.

The SAI program also offers huge savings on FedEx shipping rates through our NACA group member plan. If you have a FedEx account or just use them as an occasional shipper, we can help you save money. By joining our NACA group plan, you can expect up to 40% off on all letter and package rates whether you insure them with us on not. Imagine what savings you will experience with our FedEx Discount Program!

Check out our website today at We look forward to working with you. Call us for more information and sign up with the North American Collectibles Association today.

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