VarietyPlus® Online Catalog Now Updated

This valuable research tool includes magnified images of diagnostic areas, detailed attribution information and Census data.

The VarietyPlus online catalog, a complete listing of the 4,507 varieties recognized by NGC, has been updated with hundreds of high-resolution images, with more being added all the time. This valuable research tool includes magnified images of diagnostic areas, detailed attribution information and census data. Visit the NGC website to view the VarietyPlus catalog.

There are currently 1,625 images for 788 varieties available online at VarietyPlus. Many of the photographs are magnified to show the diagnostics for each variety. Exactly 2,000 coins have detailed diagnostic information.

A typical variety listing will include as many as six high-resolution images, a few sentences about diagnostics, cross references to other attribution schemes and a population report specific to that variety.

Visitors to the NGC website can view the complete list of varieties and cross references in the VarietyPlus catalog for free. Collectors Society members with Associate and higher accounts (available for as little as $39 per year*) have access to the enhanced catalog, which includes all images, diagnostic guides and census information.

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NGC certifies all die pairings from 1793 to 1857 and major varieties from 1858 to date. The VarietyPlus online catalog will eventually have images of all varieties, both rare and common, and for every series of United States coins, including commemoratives.

Many Cherrypickers’ Guide varieties are listed along with photographs. Collectors of Lincoln Cents will find images for nearly all varieties, and other series are being updated. Census information is updated weekly as new submissions are graded and encapsulated.

Among the coins with recently uploaded images:

  • 1793 Wreath Cent, Strawberry Leaf, NC-3
  • 1970-S Lincoln Cent, Doubled Die Obverse, FS-301
  • 1851 Three Cent Silver, FS-301
  • 1882-O over S Morgan Dollar, VAM-3
  • 1866-S Motto Twenty Dollars, Misplaced Date, FS-1301

The VarietyPlus catalog is particularly useful for varieties with more subtle differences, such as the 1873 Open 3 and Closed 3 double eagles (both already photographed). The close-up images of these varieties on the NGC website enable a collector to make an otherwise difficult attribution. The information available online in the VarietyPlus catalog can save both time and money.

The detailed photographs and diagnostics in the VarietyPlus catalog make it easy for collectors to identify their coins. With all of the information online, collectors can research their coins anywhere, such as at a coin show, and without an extensive library of pricey and often out-of-print reference books. Population data for each variety serves as a useful guide to relative rarity. As more updates are made, the VarietyPlus online catalog will soon become indispensible to collectors.

For an additional fee of $10, NGC will attribute any coin listed in the VarietyPlus catalog and include that information on the certification label. Make sure to check the VarietyPlus box on the submission form. Coins that have already been encapsulated may be resubmitted under the Designation Review service ($10 per coin) for attribution.

Check the VarietyPlus catalog frequently for more updates. Questions and comments can be sent to NGC researchers at

1876 Tripled Die Obverse Shield Nickel, FS-101

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