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Posted on 7/27/2010

NGC Collectors Society has launched a new web feature that allows collectors to manage their entire coin collections online, securely and for free.

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NGC Collectors Society has unveiled its newest web feature – the Collection Manager. This new comprehensive tool allows collectors to organize and track their entire coin collections online in a secure, password-protected environment. It is completely free to use, and requires only a free membership in the NGC Collectors Society.

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The goal of the NGC Collectors Society is to enable collectors to build better collections by providing the tools, community and resources they need. New features are planned and developed based on feedback from members. The addition of the Collection Manager is the most significant enhancement to the Collectors Society toolkit since the initial launch of the NGC Registry in 2002. Since that time, more than 500,000 coins have been registered in nearly 60,000 individual NGC Registry Sets.

The Collection Manager screen
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The Collection Manager relies on an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows collectors to maintain records of all the coins in their collections – including US, World and ancient coins, both certified and raw. Collectors can also store information about coins they want to buy and coins they have already sold or traded. Current market values are automatically displayed for all US coins tracked in the Collection Manager. Accurate market information is supplied by leading, independent price guide NumisMedia.

The Edit Coin screen
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One of the unique features of the Collection Manager is that it seamlessly integrates with the NGC Registry, the largest and most advanced online showcase of coin collections. As of launch, coins included in NGC Registry Competitive Sets and Custom Sets (formerly called Signature Sets) are pre-loaded into the Collection Manager and are already available for private record-keeping. A new feature is that, in addition to public Registry Sets, collectors can create private Custom Sets that are visible only to them. These private sets allow collectors to group coins to keep their collection organized, and unlike public sets, they can contain raw coins and coins graded by any company. As in the past, only NGC- and PCGS-certified coins can be displayed publicly in the NGC Registry.

Security and privacy for Collectors Society members is a high priority. Information tracked in the Collection Manager is visible only to the owner of a particular coin when logged in to the Collectors Society and coins are never displayed publicly unless they are added to a Registry Set that is publicly visible. Purchase and sale records are always kept private and cannot be publicly displayed. To maintain collectors’ privacy, the owner of a set is only identified by a Public Name, a pseudonym supplied by the user.

The Report Starter screen
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In addition to enabling complete online record management, a new reporting module allows collectors to generate various inventory reports, financial performance reports and want-list reports. The reports are pre-formatted and can be filtered by date range, by coins with a specific status (owned, sold, traded or wanted) or by coins within a specific Competitive or Custom Set. Additionally, all reports can be exported to a PDF file, Excel spreadsheet or other popular file types.

Because the Collection Manager takes full advantage of the latest technology, users will experience optimal performance with the most current browser versions. NGC recommends that members using Internet Explorer 7 and earlier versions upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 for a better site experience. Users of current versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers should not encounter any issues.

Watch "Features at a Glance" video to learn more >

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