From the NGC Archives: 1824 Capped Bust Half Dollar

This gem specimen is a splendid example of this popular type.

John Reich created this coin type in 1807 and modified it several times. Reich, a native of Germany, was unable to secure the post of chief engraver to the U.S. Mint and was forced to serve as second engraver to the less talented Robert Scot. John Reich left the Mint in 1817 after exactly 10 years of employment.

Capped Bust Halves are perhaps the most popular of early U.S. coins. Much of the appeal of this series derives from the fact that a fair number of mint state examples survive. Precious few, however, are gems. The astonishing specimen presented here is nearly off the scale in terms of its superb preservation and immense eye appeal. Intense, dazzling luster is aglow throughout. Its absolutely full strike is accompanied by sumptuous, rainbow toning that bathes both sides. This beauty is almost beyond belief!

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