2010 Collectors Society Luncheon at FUN

The annual Collectors Society Luncheon for Registry and Message Board participants was held on Saturday, January 9, at the FUN Show in Orlando, Florida.

Over 100 individuals attended the luncheon and each member received a specially encapsulated 2009 Formative Years Lincoln Bicentennial Cent.

Scott Schechter, vice president, sales and marketing, presented a recap of 2009. A panel including Dave Camire, president of NCS, David W. Lange, NGC research director, and Glen Jorde, PMG finalizer discussed current topics in numismatics, service offerings and new launches in the past year. The luncheon rounded out with an informal Q & A session.

Schechter comments: "The luncheon is one of the best opportunities for us to sit down with collectors and talk about the hobby. We get a lot of helpful feedback and fresh ideas. It’s also a perfect way for us to say thanks to our members for their support and participation. We look forward to it every year."

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