Using NGC Mobile to Verify Certifications

Follow these simple steps to look up an NGC-certified coin using NGC Mobile.

Step 1.

Using any mobile device, go to NGC Mobile at

Step 2.

At the first screen, enter the NGC certification number you wish to verify.

Numbers should be entered exactly as they appear on the NGC label, with the numbers following the hyphen entered into the second search box.

Once you have entered the certification number, click on the SUBMIT button.

Where to find the NGC Certification Number

Each unique NGC certification number appears beside the bar code. The certification number consists of six or seven numbers, a hyphen, and then three more numbers.

Step 3.

The second screen shows information about this coin from NGC’s database.

When images are available, two additional links will appear. To view images, click on either the the Obverse Image or Reverse Image link.

Step 4.

The requested image is displayed beneath a Back link that returns you to the previous screen where you will find the other image link and a "Search Again" box to view the certification details of another coin.

The NGC Mobile site is scaled to allow quick searches of our online database from cell phones and other mobile devices. If you wish to view the full NGC website, a link can be found at the bottom of every page.

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