From the NGC Archives: 1873 Seated Liberty Dime with Arrows

This month's feature is a charming specimen, unquestionably rare, and gives us a look into America's history.

America's Civil War was financed internationally with gold coin, while domestic transactions were largely made with depreciated paper currency. Both gold and silver pieces were hoarded or exported, and a number of base-metal coins appeared between 1864 and 1866 to take their place.

The US Mint stepped up its coinage of silver in 1873, as paper currency had finally become close enough in par value to silver to permit a return to circulation of silver coins. This development occurred simultaneously with a slight increase in weight, as denoted on this dime by the addition of arrowheads at the date. Gems of this popular type coin are rare. This charming specimen appeared as Lot 6345 in Heritage Auction's 1998 ANA Sale, wherein it was described as satiny and colorfully toned on both sides. It was formerly Lot 636 in the George H. Collection, auctioned by Stacks in 1945.

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