New World Set Types Added to the NGC Registry

Find out how to view and use this industry-leading tool, and join the Registry’s ever-growing community.

NGC is continuing its effort to expand the set type options for World coin collectors. Here are some of the set types recently added:

  • AUSTRALIA — Kookaburra Silver Dollars, Including Varieties Complete set
  • AUSTRIA — Gold 100 Euro (VIENNA PHILHARMONIC), 2002–2009
  • DENMARK — 10 Kroner and 20 Kroner
  • ITALY — Gold 20 Lire, VICTOR EMANUEL II. 1861–1878, UMBERTO I, 1880–1897
  • JAPAN — Gold 1Y, Gold 2Y, Gold 5Y, Gold 10Y, Gold 20Y and Gold Complete set
  • MEXICO — Centavo, 2 Centavos, 5 Centavos, 10 Centavos, 20 Centavos, 50 Centavos, Pesos and Gold Pesos, Gold 1ONZA
  • NETHERLANDS — Gold 10 Gulden, WILHELM III, 1875-1889, WILHELMINA I, 1897–1933
  • RUSSIA — Gold 5 Roubles 1897–1911, Gold 10 Roubles 1898–1911
  • SOUTH AFRICA — 1 Sovereign and 1 Krugerrand
  • SOUTH KOREA — Won, 5 Won, 10 Won, 50 Won, 100 Won, 500 Won, 10,50 and 100 Hwan (Pre-Reform Coinage)
  • SWEDEN — 10 Kronor and 20 Kronor
  • SWITZERLAND — Rappen, 2 Rappen, 5 Rappen, 10 Rappen, 20 Rappen, 1/2 Franc, Franc, 2 Francs and 5 Francs

The NGC Registry is a tool for the collecting community where their collections can be displayed and ranked against other great collections. NGC- and PCGS-certified coins are eligible for inclusion and every coin registered in a competitive category receives a point value associated with its desirability and certified grade.

There is no fee to participate in the NGC Registry, only a free Collectors Society membership is required. The Collectors Society is an online community developed to provide services and education to collectors. The NGC Registry is just one of the many resources available with free membership. Visit the NGC Web site to learn more about the Registry and how to get started.

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