New Rates for High-Volume WalkThrough Submissions for NGC Dealers

NGC is introducing new dealer rates for larger-quantity submissions of WalkThroughs.

These rates apply to higher volume submissions of coins at both NGC’s office and during on-site grading events such as trade shows. They are effective Monday, April 14, 2008 and this new rate structure will replace all previously available quantity submission discounts.

Dealer Services: On-site and Office

Grading Tier Fee
(per coin)
Unlimited Value WalkThrough$500 All U.S. coins. No maximum value.
High Value WalkThrough $200 All U.S. coins valued at $500,000 or less.
WalkThrough $100 U.S. coins valued at $100,000 or less.
(High Volume WalkThrough) $75 As above. Submission of 150 to 399 coins.
(High Volume WalkThrough) $65 As above. Submission of more than 400 coins.

Dealer Services: On-site Only

Grading Tier Fee
(per coin)
On-site Special $65 On-site only. All U.S. coins valued under $1,500.
On-site Gold Special$50 On-site only. U.S. Gold coins valued under $1,500. 5-coin minimum.

For volume submission rates to apply, coins must be submitted at one time or during a single on-site grading event. Qualifying coins may be submitted on multiple submissions forms.

A few special instructions are advised to take best advantage of these new rates. While coins submitted for Unlimited-Value and High-Value WalkThrough cannot be discounted, they count towards a submitter's total WalkThrough submission quantity. During onsite grading events, other expedited service levels may be available such as On-site Special and On-site Gold Special for coins valued at less than $1,500 each. While these special rates are available, coins submitted under these tiers do not count toward a submitter’s event WalkThrough total.

Also note that while these rates are available only to NGC-Authorized Dealers, Collectors Society members and ANA Affiliate submitters are invited to contact NGC for high-volume submission rates when submitting more than 150 coins for WalkThrough service. All questions should be directed to NGC Customer Service at 1.800.NGC.COIN, or by e-mail at

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