Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes

Description & Analysis

In keeping with the Treasury's program of restoring silver coinage to circulation in place of the fractional currency used 1863-75, more than nine million dimes were coined at San Francisco in 1875. This date is plentiful across all but the highest grades, though it also notorious as one of the most consistently poorly struck issues in the series. The coin illustrated exhibits this deficiency, including a filled mintmark. So rare is the Micro S unfilled that F-104 with its distinct mintmark is a Top 100 variety.

This major variety having its mintmark in the normal location is more common than that with mintmarks above the bow, but neither is rare. Within the reverse dies of this variety, however, are found two different mintmarks. The more common is the Small S illustrated, while the Micro S first used in this year is fairly scarce, particularly in Mint State.