Description and Analysis

Jefferson Five Cents
1943 P 5C MS

Description & Analysis

This was the highest mintage issue in the eleven-coin wartime nickel series, and countless rolls were saved by collectors and speculators. Thus, the 1943 P five-cent piece is extremely common in Mint State. Well struck and highly lustrous examples are also plentiful, with 5FS and 6FS coins being readily available to the advanced collector.

So many repunched mintmark varieties are known for this issue that it almost seems that every reverse die was so affected. Punching the oversize mintmarks of the wartime series was clearly an ordeal for the Philadelphia Mint's Engraving Department.

Several doubled-die obverse varieties are attributed by NGC under its VarietyPlus Service. The most popular of these is also an overdate, and this variety is treated in the entry following this one.