Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dollars
1869 $1 MS

Description & Analysis

This year witnessed the highest production of silver dollars since 1860. These coins were intended almost solely for international exchange with Asian merchants, and the vast majority of those coins were destroyed near the time of their arrival. Despite its high mintage by series standards, this issue is considered a scarce date. The fact that its market value is not much higher than that of very common dates such as 1871(P) and 1872(P) reveals that the collector demand for this series by date and mint is fairly limited.

The 1869 silver dollar is most often seen in grades of Very Fine through About Uncirculated. The population of well worn coins includes many Details graded pieces. Mint State survivors are fairly available as compared to dollars dated 1861-68, though gems are quite rare. Given the large mintage for this issue, collectors may encounter coins having either frosty or semi-prooflike fields. This date tends to be well struck, except for the characteristic weakness at the top of the eagle's right (viewer's left) wing.

A total of nine die marriages are known for the currency strikes. These derived from a combination of nine obverse dies, one of which was used previously for proofs, and just two reverses. Marriage OC-3 features an obverse die on which the flag of an errant numeral 1 is seen between numerals 18 of the date.