Description and Analysis

Mercury Dimes
1945 S 10C MS

Description & Analysis

This issue was widely hoarded, and Mint State survivors are quite plentiful. For some reason, 1945-S dimes are among the ones most often seen with splendid, multicolor toning. Gems are readily available, yet the percentage of fully struck survivors is extremely small. While Full Bands is not the only measure of strike quality, the NGC Census reveals how few pieces have achieved this designation.

Three mintmark styles are found for 1945-S dimes. The Knob-Tail S used for the majority of 1944-S dimes is also the most common this year. The Trumpet-Tail S used previously in 1941-43 is the rarest of the three. Details of the final mintmark style may be found in the following entry.

Several RPMs are known for 1945-S dimes.