Description and Analysis

Mercury Dimes
1942 S 10C MS

Description & Analysis

This issue had a generous, wartime mintage, and the practice of collectors saving fresh rolls was well established by 1942, so Mint State examples are plentiful. Most are a bit weakly struck in their centers, with Full Bands specimens being in the minority.

Like most S-Mint coins from the 1940s this issue is sometimes found with brilliant fields from aggressive polishing of the dies to remove flaws. Typically, the brilliant areas do not include the entire field on both sides, so few of these qualify for the certified designation of PL (prooflike).

Two styles of S mintmark were employed this year. The Trumpet Tail S of 1941 was carried over for most 1942-S dimes, but a new, Large S similar to that used briefly in 1928 is also found in numbers sufficient to not be rare. Several RPM varieties are known for this issue, all but one of them displaying the Trumpet Tail S. The Wexler/Flynn book illustrates an extremely minor DDR variety, too.