Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes
1875 10C MS

Description & Analysis

Confidence in federal paper currency was rising as the price of silver was falling after 1873, and paper achieved value parity with fractional silver coins in 1875. To retire the despised fractional currency notes, the Mint cranked out many millions of dimes, quarters and halves during 1875-77.

This issue is common across all grades, and enough nice Mint State survivors are known to make 1875(P) a suitable choice for type collectors. Most examples are well struck, too.

Some two dozen die marriages have been recorded for this issue by researcher Gerry Fortin, and these include a few repunched or misplaced dates. The most popular of the latter is F-107/FS-301, which shows the top of a numeral 1 boldly protruding from the denticles below the date. The obverse die also reveals clashing.