Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes
1869 10C MS

Description & Analysis

With a mintage of a quarter million pieces this issue should be more available than it is. Since silver coinage wasn't actually circulating in the area serviced by the Philadelphia Mint, it's likely that these coins were not issued in the conventional sense, and a certain portion may have been melted at a later time. Of course, there are records to verify this theory.

There are several die marriages for 1869(P) dimes, and these are divided between two date styles. These are described as "Short Flag" and "Long Flag," a reference to the length of the upper left horizontal element of numeral 1. In fact, the Long Flag dies also have an elongated left base to the 1. The Short Flag die marriages are the scarcer of the two, especially in grades above XF. F-101 displays the rarest of the Short Flag dies.