Description and Analysis

Early Dimes
1837 CAPPED 10C MS

Description & Analysis

The 1837 dime is moderately scarce overall as compared to earlier dates of the 1829-37 series. Its production was terminated by the introduction of Seated Liberty Dimes in the late spring. Mint State pieces are elusive, though with a higher than usual percentage of gems.

Like the dimes of 1836, the 1837 issue features elongated border beads that are more like true denticles than on the dimes of 1829-35. This resisted both erosion of the die and wearing of the actual coins in circulation.

Two obverses were paired with three reverses for a total of four die marriages. Though not noted in popular catalogs, one obverse features a Script 8 and the other a Block 8. There are no rare varieties for this date, but JR-1 and JR-2 are slightly scarce.