Description and Analysis

Early Half Dimes
1834 H10C MS

Description & Analysis

The seemingly high mintage of 1834 half dimes is misleading, as this number for the pieces struck during 1834 includes many dated 1832 and 1833, with even earlier dates being possible. The U. S. Mint was quite thrifty and did not discard dies that were still useable. This practice lasted until Robert M. Patterson became Director in 1835 and forbade it.

There are just five die marriages known from the combining of three obverses and three reverses. None are rare, with only LM-3 and LM-5 being moderately scarce. The most popular variety is LM-1 in which numeral 3 was first punched into the die upside down. This feature is somewhat less visible on LM-3, which shares that obverse die.