Description and Analysis

Silver Three Cents
1863 3CS MS

Description & Analysis

The issuance of non-redeemable paper money by both the CSA and USA during the war quickly drove gold and silver coins from circulation in most of the nation. The place of this denomination was taken first by small paper notes and then, in 1865, by a base metal coin. Only token mintages of the silver three-cent piece occurred for the next decade, these few coins kept on hand to make up odd sums in payment of deposits and to keep the denomination current, at least on the books.

While rare in overall numbers, the quality of 1863 trimes is uniformly high. The dies weren't used enough to become worn or even to lose their prooflike brilliance. This transferred only partially to the coins, with examples certifiable as PL being rare.

What was touted as an overdate years ago is simply a minor repunched date. While collectable, there is little interest in variety collecting for the low-mintage dates of this series.